Easter & Mother's Day Special

Coming soon, Easter & Mother's Day Specials!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cake - GHOW Celebration

GHOW (God's House of Worship) has a new home!

White cake with vanilla/almond buttercream icing. Lettering & Logo: royal icing.  Roses & leaves: buttercream.

~ Corrie Marie

Cupcakes - Red Velvet Ladybug

Red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese buttercream frosting.  Handmade, homemade, ladybug royal icing toppers.  Happy Birthday!

~ Corrie Marie

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cake - Fleur de lis

A just 'cuz vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream for my husband... fleur de lis is real popular! (Don't be fooled by the brown, that's not chocolate, but food coloring). It was a fun surprise - I baked so much this weekend he didn't even know I had this one hidden.

~ Corrie Harris

Cupcakes - Beauty Salon

Another fun project - a surprise birthday / congratulations party!  Below are vanilla cupcakes, with two shades of blue vanilla icing, topped with handmade beauty salon themed royal icing transfers: scissors, blow dryer, handheld mirror and a salon chair!  It was exciting to see how these turned out!

Busy weekend!

~ Corrie Marie

Cake - Minnie Mouse

Fondant covered two tier square vanilla cake (10" and 6") for Minnie Mouse themed baby shower. All decorations made completely out of fondant by ME, and edible (if you like to eat fondant!).

~ Corrie Marie

Cookies - Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse themed sugar cookies! Another fun cookie to put together, it seemed there were so many components!  See, I couldn't find an actual minnie mouse cookie cutter that was big enough, so I had to improvise with Mickey.  Out came the bow mold and the candy melts!

This cookie is decorated with my sugar cookie icing, and outlined in royal icing.  Then to personalize, I added a royal icing transfer monogram letter, K, for the new baby girl. Finally, I accessorized with a mini pink candy melt bow, that I added royal icing dots to match Minnie's dress pattern.  Eh, voila!  A Minnie mouse baby shower cookie!

~ Corrie Marie

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cookies - Superman

A coworker asked for a sample of cookies for his son's upcoming birthday, and well, here it is!  I looked for cookie cutters but decided to do it by hand.  So for the superman logo cookie (center), I used a square cookie cutter and cut one end off.  I then printed off a 3.5 inch logo, traced it onto parchment paper, and used an Xacto knife to cut out the design.  Then once the cookies were baked, I used an edible food writer pen to trace the homemade stencil onto the cooled cookie.  Then I outlined the design in black royal icing, let it set about 30 minutes, and then filled the cookies with my colored sugar cookie icing.  Voila, a superman cookie!

Just so they would have options, I also made square and circle cookies, outlined in black royal icing, filled with blue icing, and topped with a superman logo made from royal icing, by me!  I took the extras to work, and they were gone in a flash!

~ Corrie Marie